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Pet Supplies

Urban Pet's lush digs on Beverly Blvd. & Gardner re-define the traditional pet supply store - for better. Enter the sprawling zen-like loft space and you'll encounter innovative supplies (dog, bird, cat, fish, reptile), competitive prices...

Your New Pet

A new pet is an exciting event and the first instinct people have is to rush out and buy everything in sight to welcome their new family member. The experience can be overwhelming and expensive. Too often, new pet owners spend too much money on un-necessary supplies...

Group Classes

Group classes are taught by Zack Grey and designed to offer you and your dog the opportunity to learn all of the basics in an environment other than your home. It is important to realize that dogs are situational learners-in your house...

Other Services

Vaccination Clinic

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Meet Zack Grey

Zack Grey is the creative founder and owner of The Urban Pet and is a veterinarian-recommended professional dog trainer specializing in obedience. After launching his dog training company UrbanTails, in 2004, he was quickly lauded for his innovative personal training and technique. Three years later Zack launched The Urban Pet, a 5,000sq ft supply store featuring premium foods and innovative products, re-defining the way people shop for their pets. He has since opened The Urban Pet Silver Lake, South Pasadena, and Moonshine Grooming.

Zack Grey has been profiled by numerous publications including DailyCandy.com, IN Los Angeles, La Brea Living, You and Pet Product News International. Media credits include Access Hollywood, Fox Reality Remix, Reality Chat, the trainer in Lifetime series...

Moon Shine Grooming

  • Full Service Grooming
  • Self wash
  • Pick up & drop off services

Call : 323.664.4600

find us

  • 7515 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036, Call : 323-933-2100
  • 4475 Santa Monica Blvd. Silver Lake, CA 90029, Call : 323.664.4700
  • 900 Fair Oaks Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030, Call : 626.403.9100


  • Mon-Fri : 9.00am-8.00pm
  • Sat-Sun : 9.00am-7.00pm
email : info@theurbanpet.net

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